10 Ka Dum - Salman Khan

18 July 2008

The contestants on my show come from various walks of life and they belong to different socio-economic groups. I find that for most of them, winning huge sums of money is not been the first and foremost purpose of entering the contest. Yes money does matter to them but they also tell me that the main reason that brings them to participate in the show is that it would give them a chance to chat with me, spend some time with me. Hosting the show has given me new insights and I have realized that love is the greatest motivation. It’s a high for them. For some people it is also a chance to experience and be on Television…just like some people buy tickets to cricket matches at a very exorbitant price because they want to be seen on television…but nothing compares to the high that I experience when I interact with so many loving fans and people who I would never have a chance to meet or get their blessings by… to that I say thank you 10 ka Dum and thank you television!.....                       Read More of it…….

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